Professor Hakim Ben Othman

Professor Hakim Ben Othman, a permanent professor at the ICN Business School, has dedicated over two decades to teaching and research in accounting. His scholarship focuses on Fintech, financial reporting, IFRS, corporate governance, and corporate social reporting. He has published extensively in esteemed journals such as Elsevier, Emerald, Taylor and Francis, and Inderscience. His recent papers explore culturally-influenced financial behaviors and the impact of accounting practices on firm valuations and capital costs. Professor Othman's professional achievements include the 'Agence Universitaire Francophone' Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship at the University of Ottawa, the U.S. Department of State International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) on Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development, and the Emerald Award for Research Excellence in both 2016 and 2017. He also has a rich consulting history within the Big Four auditing firms, particularly Deloitte and KPMG. In addition to his academic pursuits, Professor Othman is deeply committed to academic editorial pursuits, serving as an Associate Editor and a valued member of the Editorial Board for four ABS/ABDC rated journals. He has supervised nine PhD students and served as the President/Member of the National Board of Examiners in Tunisia, recruiting faculty members for Finance and Accounting disciplines. Othman's publications include "The influence of cultural tightness-looseness, religiosity, and the institutional environment on tax evasion behavior: A cross-country study," "Effect of cultural tightness-looseness on money laundering," and "Does integrated reporting enhance the value relevance of organizational capital? Evidence from the South African context." His scholarship has been showcased in numerous conferences, including the 9th Finance Workshop Seminar at the University of Hohenheim.

Professor Narina Ringo

Professor Narina Ringo, a renowned scholar and linguist from Sakha, Russia, has made significant contributions to the field of global knowledge acquisition and comprehension. She began her career at Baikal State University of Economics and Law, where she focused on economics, business, psychology, and language pedagogy. From 2010 to 2011, she refined her skills in economics, including Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Investment, and International Economics. In 2019, she moved to Indore, India, where she became an Assistant Professor at the Prestige Institute of Management & Research. There, she expanded her pedagogical repertoire by incorporating Managerial Economics and Business Environment into her academic curriculum. She also began her pedagogical endeavors in psychology and nurtured her passion for the Russian language by providing educational guidance to learners. From May 2020 to December 2022, Professor Ringo worked as a private tutor, teaching English, French, and Russian languages. This role allowed her to significantly influence the intellectual development of students in Indore and promote cross-cultural understanding through language instruction. In August 2021, she returned to Russia, where she became an Assistant Professor at North-Eastern Federal University in Sakha. After a year, she was elevated to Senior Lecturer, a position she continues to hold with unwavering commitment. Professor Ringo's trajectory is marked by her dedication to education and her ability to impart a global outlook to her students. Regardless of her discipline, she remains a prominent figure in academia, driven by her passion for knowledge pursuit and dissemination.

Dr. Sardana Khan

She is a Lecturer at CQUniversity, Australia. She has earned a PhD in Management from La Trobe University, Australia. She has published in 14 international journals such as Personnel Review, Journal of Developing Areas, International Journal of Economics and Management, and International Business Research, among others. She has also authored and co-authored four book chapters and presented 33 papers at international conferences. She has edited two volumes of the ‘East West Journal of Business and Social Studies’ as the Assistant Editor. She has recently joined the editorial board of the Journal for Service Quality Enhancement (JSQE). Her papers have earned several international awards such as GBMF UN OMAHA Best Paper Award 2008, Australasian Conference on Business and Social Sciences Best Paper Award 2015 and ‘Best Innovative Paper’ award in Sydney International Business Research Conference 2015. She has received ANZAM 2019 Best Stream Reviewer award and ‘AABL Academic Leadership Award’ for outstanding conference coordination of the Melbourne International Business and Social Science Research Conference 2019 and a 'Gold Certificate' for highly rated unit for my unit coordination and teaching roles at CQUniversity, School of Business and Law. She received AusAid Australian Leadership Award (ALA) for her PhD program in 2009 and La Trobe Gold Leadership award in 2012 for community contribution. In 2021, she received a certificate of recognition for my success and contribution in academia by the Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC). She served overseas as the Associate Professor and Deputy Executive Director of the 'East West University Center for Research and Training'. In my additional role, she has successfully managed a World Bank funded ‘Higher Education Quality Enhancement Program (HEQEP)’ sub-project on capacity building and knowledge sharing (2014-2016). She is currently supervising five PhD and six Research Masters students at CQUniversity. Her current research interests are, high performance work systems, decent work, gig economy, leadership, offshoring, sustainable supply chain management, international business and HR analytics.

Dr. Haninun, M.S.Ak., M.M.

Dr. Haninun, an esteemed authority in the field of accounting, strongly supports the implementation of practical learning strategies for the development of early reading comprehension skills. The individual's distinguished trajectory in the field of education and research stands as evidence of her steadfast commitment to exploring the complexities of language and the acquisition of information. The individual in question, a female Lecturer, possesses a comprehensive academic background and has made significant scholarly contributions in the areas of sustainability reporting, environmental performance, and financial transparency. Dr. Haninun has demonstrated a high level of productivity in her research endeavours over the past five years. Her portfolio includes several projects of notable importance, such as "Model Pelaporan Keberlanjutan Sustainability Report bagi UKM Berdasarkan GRI 4 Th 2013" and "Board Characteristics And Environmental Performance In Indonesian Family Business." These research endeavours exemplify her unwavering dedication to the advancement of knowledge. In addition to her scholarly pursuits, Dr. Haninun actively engages in community projects, leveraging her knowledge to support endeavours such as financial report audits and the facilitation of diverse publications. The fact that she is frequently seen at academic conferences serves as evidence of her dedication to enhancing the academic sphere and effecting positive change in society as a whole.