The Second International Conference on Management, Leadership, and Organisational Sciences (ICoMLOS) is a scholarly event that has been meticulously arranged by the ICoMLOS committee. This conference serves as a global forum where esteemed academics, researchers, and professionals convene to engage in comprehensive discussions pertaining to interdisciplinary research and practical applications within the domains of Management, Leadership, and Organisational Sciences.

The second iteration of the International Conference on Maritime Law and Ocean Studies (ICoMLOS) is scheduled to convene on the 7th of December, 2023. The designated venue for this significant academic event is the esteemed Auditorium Pascasarjana Universitas Bandar Lampung, located in Indonesia. The platform serves as an interdisciplinary forum wherein policymakers, top-level executives, scholars, professionals, and educators convene to present and deliberate upon the latest advancements, emerging patterns, and pertinent issues in the domains of Management, Leadership, and Organisational Sciences. Additionally, it facilitates the examination of practical obstacles encountered and the corresponding solutions implemented within these fields.

The primary aim of our organisation is to facilitate the proliferation of scientific and educational endeavours that contribute to the enhancement of the general populace’s quality of life. This is achieved through the refinement and application of theoretical and practical knowledge across diverse fields, with a particular focus on Management, Leadership, and Organisational Sciences.

As the esteemed professional association representing the Indonesian academic community, ICoMLOS undertakes the responsibility of orchestrating conferences, workshops, seminars, and awareness programmes. These initiatives are designed to enhance research and development endeavours by offering technical assistance and other forms of support. Additionally, ICoMLOS is committed to disseminating scholarly knowledge through the publication of high-quality international journals that address contemporary and pertinent topics.

The Call for Papers encompasses a range of scholarly subjects, namely Sustainable Development, Business Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Macro Economics, Micro Economics, Community-based Tourism, and Business and Finance. Sustainability
The following subjects pertaining to business and marketing will be duly considered: 1. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and its implications in the tourism sector. 2. Exploring the concept of business creativity and its relevance in the industry. 3. Utilising social media platforms for effective tourism marketing strategies. 4. Examining the ethical considerations surrounding tourism and its impact on the environment. 5. Understanding the significance of corporate governance in the tourism sector. 6. Analysing the role of e-Tourism in the contemporary business landscape. 7. Managing hospitality operations within the tourism industry. 8. Evaluating the principles and practises of eco-tourism. 9. Strategic management approaches in the context of the tourism sector. 10. Investigating the cultural aspects of food studies and its implications for tourism. 11. Exploring branding and marketing strategies in the tourism industry. 12. Analysing the Halal food industry and its impact on the tourism sector. 13. Examining the intersection of Shari’ah principles and business creativity in the tourism industry. 14. Understanding the dynamics of the tourism industry and its various components. 15. Exploring the entrepreneurial aspects of the tourism sector. Please note that other subjects related to business and marketing will also be taken into consideration.